Karmod completed military facilities in Nigeria

Project Description

According to the company's statement, Karmod Prefabrik completed the installation of military facilities in the north-east of Nigeria, consisting of a total of 7 units.

The buildings were built in the province of Borno, where there are troubles in terms of security

We ship our products by sea transportation at the places to be installed. Our experienced teams are delivering the construction in a ready-to-use way. We delivered a total of 7 prefabricated buildings in a period of 3 weeks. The project includes one executive room, a dining hall, a dormitory, a multi-purpose office and a WC-shower building. Our buildings will be used by a 50-member military garnison. At the end of last year, we have also carried out a mobile school project in the Borno province, where about a thousand students will study for UNICEF.

Order Quantity

7 Prefabricated Units

Completion Time

3 Weeks


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