Modular Hospitals and Clinics

Modular Hospitals and Clinics

Health Centers, Hospitals, Natural Treatment Facilities

Karmod uses his design experience in international projects for hospital solutions. Complicated structures from emergency rooms to operating rooms, polyclinics, rest areas and social facilities in prefabricated hospitals are certainly constructed with Karmod experience. Today, along with health care development, the need for health buildings has raised building budgets to a high level. With its modular structure, Karmod offers economical solutions with regard to the budget for health buildings.
In addition to the costs, safe and fast presentations of health services have become more important. For this reason, we build large spaces and create a good service environment with prefabricated buildings.
Good insulation, a safe structural model and convenient, environmentally friendly spaces are important factors for hospital complexes.

Fast and Safe Hospital Building Solutions

Modular structures prefabricated by high technology in the plant are built in a shorter time in a safer and more economical way than conventionally made buildings on site. By monitoring building quality under setup conditions, saving time and optimizing production costs, these benefits are reflected in construction costs.

Prefabricated hospitals also offer a possibility for various internal and external applications in terms of architectural design and aesthetic impact. Exterior coatings, interior decorations, roofs, windows and doors are also made to customer specifications.

Indispensable parts in hospital facilities such as central heating and air conditioning systems, central nursing systems, etc. can be easily fabricated in prefabricated structures.

Advantages of Karmod prefabricated hospital structures:
- Easy loading and fast installation
- Special design for the requirements of the hospital complex
- Production with quality control system in addition to high technology
- More efficient use of economic resources


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