Karmod camps in Nigeria for UN peacekeepers

Project Description

Karmod handed over the structures of the military camp to be used for the soldiers who served in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Nigeria's capital city Abuja.

The Karmod modular living cabin camp were founded by the use to shelter 400 soldiers that are linked to the UN. The camp was built in accordance with UN standards and was completed in 1 week.

Our cabin products are preferred to workers' offices and military camps because of their high insulation and ease of installation, especially in hot climates in African countries. Nigeria, Senegal, Eritrea, Congo, Sudan and Somalia are among the countries that prefer our cabin products. Each of our booths we produce for BM Abuja Military Camp is 3.90x11.10 meters and has a usage area of 43 square meters. Our products at the UN Nigerian Camp will be used for 10 years.


400 Soldiers

Completion Time

1 Week


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